• 2019 Mormon Mom Planner - Stacked Books - ITLT-MMP2019SB
  • 2019 Mormon Mom Planner - Stacked Books - ITLT-MMP2019SB
  • 2019 Mormon Mom Planner - Stacked Books - ITLT-MMP2019SB
  • 2019 Mormon Mom Planner - Stacked Books - ITLT-MMP2019SB
  • JANUARY 2019 - DECEMBER 2019
  • Size: 6" x 9" and 1.25" thick
  • Spiral-bound so it can be folded in half or laid flat
  • Double-sided paper pocket
  • Zip-loc plastic pocket
  • Cute, full-color tabs with inspiring quotes, beautiful colors, and room for notes.
Item #: ITLT-MMP2019SB
Price: $35.99
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Product Description:

The planner includes:

  • Monthly Calendar (Unique and simple) with squares large enough for any handwriting, notes column, and a mini preview calendar of the next two months.
  • Weekly Spreads with a simple and powerful three row design. Each weekly page also includes a daily checklist for prayer, scriptures as well as note sections for meal plans, ideas and inspirations

AND pages you won't find anywhere else:

  • Birthday and Anniversary Spread
  • Scripture Reading Charts for all of the Standard Works
  • Keep track of service given as a Ministering Sister
  • Holiday Planning Pages (Traditional U.S. Holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)
  • Financial Management Sheet for getting out of debt, tithing, and savings plans
  • Birthday and Anniversary Spread
  • Thank you Card Tracker
  • Monthly Goals & To-Do Planning spread
  • Simple Budget section each month
  • Relationship Improvement page each month
  • Sunday Lessons & Teaching Pages help you in your gospel study by giving you section for notes and an outline of each weeks lesson.
  • Year in Review spread
  • Quotes and scriptures to inspire you throughout the year
  • Note pages (2-3 pages at the end of each monthly section)
  • Back to School planning pages
  • Summer Planning pages
  • Vacation Plans spread
  • Monthly Planning Matrix (versatile spread to use how you would like, ie. exercise, meals, work, gratitude, etc.)
  • The Living Christ & Family Proclamation
  • Family Focus Section includes pages to keep track of your children's wants, needs and individual information
  • Family Night Planning pages help you keep track of assignments and be deliberate in your preparation, as well as a notes section for family council items.
  • The Home & Family section (child tracking pages)

LDS specific pages - Exclusive

  • Scriptures reading charts for the LDS Standard Works
  • A copy of The Living Christ and The Family Proclamation
  • Family Home Evening planning pages. Each page has a cute and inspiring quote and room to write down assignments, lesson plans, family council discussion items, and a monthly focus chosen from the family proclamation.
  • Sunday pages include the curriculum for the month, a scripture quote and room for your write down notes and impressions from Sunday lessons or your own personal scripture study.

The Home and Family Section - Exclusive

  • Together Forever - a spread dedicated to you and your marriage
  • NEW! "All about me" page. Similar to the 'Child Tracking Pages' now there is a place for all the details of your life.
  • 6 Child tracking pages - Here you can keep track of everything from shoe sizes to present ideas for their next birthday.
  • Family Ideals and Goals, including plans for chores and housework
  • Financial Management and Debt-elimination
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Home maintenance and cleaning schedule
  • Vacation planning sheet including a packing list and meal planning

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:


I purchased this to help me stay on track with reading my scriptures and studying the Sunday lessons. Haven't had much time to use it yet. However, I love what I have done with it so far

Wish I could give it 100 stars!

I LOVE love love this planner!! It has everything I look for in a planner and so much more! Could not be happier! Great quality. Worth every penny. Would highly recommend!

Was so much more than I expected. These were bought as gifts and I am 100 percent sure, the sisters I bought them for will totally and completely love it!

Love it !!

Love this love that the cover doesn’t come off as I hated that with my 2018 planner.

I like the idea of a planner

It looks like a great planner. It's probably is more than I need. I might just remove what I don't need so it will be less cumbersome.