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Deluxe Auto Emergency Combo Kit

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With this combo, you’ll have a way to meet your needs and do minor repairs on your car if you get stranded on the road. The Deluxe Auto Emergency Combo includes an Auto Emergency Kit (a basic assortment of emergency supplies), an Auto Tool kit (basic tools to help address car problems on the road), and 12-foot jumper cables—all packed in a medium backpack. Contents:  AUTO EMERGENCY KIT 1 AUTO TOOL KIT 1 JUMPER CABLES 1 MEDIUM BACKPACK 1 ...

Roadwise Emergency Kit

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Emergency Essentials Item #: EE-KC-A600 -

Keeping an emergency kit in your automobile gives you confidence when the unexpected occurs. The items in this emergency kit were specifically selected for storage in your automobile without being affected by normal temperature ranges. This portable emergency kit can also serve double duty if you evacuate your home during an emergency, providing you with additional on-the-go basics during a crisis situation. Includes first aid items, water, sanitation items, light, warmth, food, and other...