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Meet new, exciting ites—now from the Bible! Israelites, Canaanites, Hittites, and more—the Bible is filled with ites! From Adam to Zacharias, the people of the Bible teach us powerful lessons. Whether their stories are already family favorites, like those of Noah and Jonah, or less familiar, such as the story of Lydia, the seller of purple, each one will help your family make good decisions and follow the Lord. Packed with fun facts, insightful lessons, and all-new activities, this engaging book will help each member of your family better understand who's who in the Bible. Your children will love the delightful illustrations that bring each man and woman to life in vivid color. The book includes 52 separate entries, each with its own lesson and activity, making it a perfect resource for planning your weekly family night or for quiet Sunday reading and learning. Discover new heroes and heroines, and find out how the depth of their stories and experiences can help us in our lives today!