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The Book of MormonHero's Set contains 12 cards featuring:

Nephi's Sorrow
Nephi Hunting
Samuel the Lamanite
Army of Helaman
Lehi's Dream
The Brother of Jared
Moroni, Son of Mormon
Daughters in the Wilderness
Captain Moroni

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Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:

Not a fan

Some of these figures are dark and scary to a 5 year old. In fact, my grandson asked if the person in the poster was Satan.

The Book of Mormon heros are great and I love that the stories are included on the back.

I love the cards fantastic picture and the brief story that is on the back makes it easy for kids to read.
I would love if the came in a larger size

Book of Mormon Heroes

I think these are wonderful. I mail two a week to my nephew that lives back east. It's a good way for him to learn about men in the Book of Mormon.

not posters

The listing misleads the buyer. They are tiny cards with pictures of the hero posters on them. Not hero posters.Response: Brother Zander, we apologize for the misleading title. Real Hero Posters is the name of the company that makes this specific product. We have updated the title to better reflect the product. Thank you for your feedback.

Love the "Who's Your Hero" Posters

I absolutely love the "Who's Your Hero" poster cards. The artwork is beautiful. The back has the scriptures which tell about the person on the front of the card. They are a little bigger than the other game cards the kids play with, but I think they will enjoy these also. They are also sturdier than the other cards.