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Help Thou Mine Unbelief
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    Spiritually adrift by their earth-bound thinking, many people have faith that is so fragile they doubt the very existence of God. What they often yearn for is something with more meat on the bone-something they can see and touch-to fertilize even the tiniest seed of faith. From a Mormon perspective, Help Thou Mine Unbelief combines science, history, and spiritual phenomena to answer though theological questions and affirm the reality of God. LDS leaders and educators weigh in right alongside...

    Its True - An Evangelical Pastors Journey to the Truth
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      It's True tells of Tom's initial reaction, what he learned about the Mormons and what he discovered - that the LDS people are, indeed, Christians and the precepts they teach are true. "Not in a million years would we have dreamed that this was the place for us. However, the peace that we are experiencing tells us that we are exactly where we belong." Tom and Maggie Scott

      Now That I Am Baptized
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        This book is filled with puzzles, mazes, secret codes, and matching exercises that teach about baptism and about what we should do after we are baptized. It is perfect for the child who is nearing the age of baptism, as well as for the recently baptized child.

        The Cleansing of America
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          Dr. W. Cleon Skousen spent the majority of his life researching the gospel, the U.S. Constitution, the founding of America and writing numerous books and articles on the topic, and he is one of the most well-known, respected defenders of America and the gospel the gospel the world has ever known. At the time of his passing in 2006, his work was not yet finished. His book The Cleansing of America, written in 1994 and given into the care and keeping of his sons, is now being brought forth for...

          The Message and From Our Side Book Combo
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            The MessageOn Christmas Day, 1998, Lance Richardson was involved in an accident which later left him in a comatose state for several weeks. While his body was being kept alive by medical support equipment, his spirit passed into the world beyond. In "The Message," Lance describes his experience in the world of spirits and delivers to us a message giving a greater understanding of the importance of families and the future of America. He was also taught concerning a most important principle of...

            A Little Christmas Tree
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              The new classic, A Little Christmas Tree is the story of a small Scotch Pine whose greatest wish is to be a family’s Christmas tree. Year after year, Little Tree is passed over. He wonders why no one will choose him. His wise mother encourages him to be patient and reminds him he will bring the true meaning of Christmas into a family’s home. Finally, the day comes. He is chosen and heads down into town. But the road is perilous. When Little Tree’s beautiful branch snaps in an accident, his...

              When Reindeer Retire
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