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Reward quiet acts of reverence with these fun, new stickers—perfect for Primary teachers, parents, or scout leaders.

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Reverent stickers

Nice size just need more in package.

Sunbeams love these!

...and they get to put them on their carry home baggie each week!!

Primary President

I Got Caught Being Reverent stickers are absolutely great! We line up to help the children be reverent before going into Primary and the stickers really help the younger children want to be reverent to earn a sticker each week. They help to remind the children the importance of being reverent.

Caught being Reverent Stickers.

I love recognizing my awesome Primary students in my CTR 7 Primary Class by passing these out to them. They love the little treat too. GREAT for encouraging reverence and recognizing their great attitudes. I will purchase more of these.

Caught being reverent stickers

Loved these! Four different stickers per page is very nice. They are a convenient size for our Primary kids.

"Caught Being Reverent Stickers"

Motivational stickers for Primary children and grandchildren.