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A princess has a lot of responsibility, she must show love and compassion for others.This perfect crown charm will match the beautiful princess in your life. This trendy addition to your charm bracelet is simple, but shows off a lot of personality.

 Princesses can be bold and brave for the benefit of those around them. They are leaders for others with strong morals that help them in their kingdom. A member of a royal family, that has high standing. There are many different types of princesses that are helping to make differences in their communities. 

Crowns are a representation of honor and righteousness. They usually are made with fine metals and adorned with jewels of different types. It’s a long tradition of royalty, like Esther the queen. She used her status as a queen to call upon them in fasting and prayer for three days. This gave her the courage to save her people. These strong women are great examples of queens and princesses.

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