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"In the high-speed world of the fighter pilot, milliseconds can be the difference between life and death. Only when you’ve practiced, prepared, and predetermined what to do in a crisis can you react quickly enough to y the plane out of the situation or eject if need be. Likewise, we often face critical spiritual decisions with only moments to make a choice. Professional pilot and youth speaker Brock Booher helps us recognize and learn to responsibly use the most enabling tool we possess—moral agency. By building spiritual muscle memory, we can expertly exercise it in the milliseconds leading to the smallest or most important decisions in our lives.

Don’t live life on autopilot. When mishaps and tough choices inevitably come your way, Fly, Eject, or Die helps you to prepare now, so that in the moment, faith will overcome fear and you can soar through any obstacles this earth life may hurl at you.


“It only takes 5 seconds to change your life...and only a few chapters to tell you how!”

-Wade Whiting, sales manager and youth leader

“Arm yourself for the ride of your life by adopting these powerful principles!”

-Marcus North, fighter pilot"