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Our exclusive General Conference journal will help you treasure up the word of modern-day prophets and apostles like never before. With over 150 pages of resources, there is enough to take notes for two entire Conferences. In each journal you'll find: 

  • Note pages for each session of General Conference
  • Study and review guides for before and after
  • Beautifully designed inspirational quotes
  • Ideas for sharing General Conference with others
  • Question and answer pages for personal revelation
  • Coloring and activity pages
  • Goal-setting tools        
  • And more!

Our journals measure 5.5" x 8.5" and are bound with a special wire-o binding so they will lay flat. They are a great gift for family members & ministering friends. Order your General Conference Journal today. 

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Take General Conference to a new level

By Pappy on 1/8/2023
Last year, I found this Journal for General Conference.
I always used a note book prior but had trouble organizing
All that is taken care of now including prep leading up to conference.
Ready for 2023 already
And both sessions for the year in one place.
Makes personal study easier at home but also in class.
Ability to add notes at any time is awesome.

So appreciate finding
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General Conference Journal; a Year of Inspiration

By Personal Index on 10/9/2022
This is the 1st time that I bought one of these for conference, and I love it!
I normally just write my notes in a notebook, which gets filled up and put on a shelf.

But this journal helps get us in the mood for conference by giving daily pages to fill of traditions and reflection of past conferences, writing, personal beliefs of Christ, and jotting down what's going on in the news or my life right now.
I like how it's separated into sections for each session, and it's for 2 conferences! And each page for a speaker has sections for space to jot notes, personal revelations, and then one for quotes/keywords/actions.
I went back and used a highlighter for key words or phrases. Sometimes I write too many notes, so this will teach me to be more selective in writing. My favorite page is going to be the Personal Index: where I am now going back in my notes to find key words like "faith" that I can add the page of that talk to the word "faith" in the index. It will be easier to find parts in the talks to use in any talks that I need to give.
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General Conference Journal

By Pattie on 10/2/2022
What a wonderful way to remember the feeling we had during the moments we heard the Savior speak to us through His servants.
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Conference journal

By Cori on 9/25/2022
Last year I got the original journal and loved it. I love that there are activities in there for adults like: colouring pages, word search and crossword. It’s such a fun way to listen to conference.