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Little Rebekah is fascinated by the man her neighbors call Jesus and she wants to hear all he has to say. But her mother, Sarah, wants Rebekah to keep her distance from the man some call Master and others label a heretic. Sarah has heard rumors that some factions wish to harm Jesus of Nazareth. But Rebekah is persistent, and one day she brings Jesus home to meet her mother and grandfather – a simple act that will forever change all their lives.

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He knows my name

By Teresa Drewett on 8/16/2016
This is a good film that I love to watch on Sundays- it brings you closer to him I recommend this film to anyone

He Knows My Name

By Barbara on 2/6/2016
This is a lovely story of the faith of a child and the difference it can make in the life of her and her family. I recommend it highly.


By kevin on 7/13/2015
We loved it. My 6 year old and 4 year old could not stop talking about it. Well worth the 8 dollars for a spiritual lift!

He Knows Your Name

By Steven Baine on 4/13/2015
Very inspirational and lovely. Very spiritual and enlightening. Thanks Excellent

By Steven Baine on 4/13/2015
It is a good movie. Very inspirational and spiritual.

He Knows My Name DVD...

By lmcgrory2 on 4/6/2015
It was perfect movie and it is the most beautiful movie I ever watched! I mostly recommend to anyone for this movie to watch because it is a wonderful movie!