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Product Description

This puzzle contains 500 pieces that creates a picture of the statues of brothers Joseph and Hyrum , featuring the photography of Robert Casey. This puzzle is 15" x 30".

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

Joseph and Hyrum 500 piece Puzzle

I loved the large pieces! It was very fun and fast to put together!

Joseph and Hyrum puzzle

I have not put this together yet, but I am looking forward to doing so. It looks fun and inspirational.

Hyrum and Joseph puzzle

We completed this puzzle in a reasonable amount of time. It was a bit difficult due to so many pieces being very similar in shape. Trial and error worked, though, and we really did enjoy the lovely picture.

Joseph and Hyrum Puzzle

Puzzles are fun, especially church related ones.

great puzzle

we had purchase this puzzle just for LDS general conference weekend. To the parents great shock, this puzzle entertained 3 teenagers for the whole LDS conference, both Sunday and Saturday. they loved it. The oldest teenager wants to even glue it, for a consent reminder of both what these two great men, Joseph and Hyrum, did for us and the time he spent with his brothers.