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Joseph Smith and the Geography of the Book of Mormon begins by establishing Joseph Smith’s actual and verifiable words, which were subject to his review and correction during his lifetime, as a “Supreme Source” for the geography of the Book of Mormon. First- and second-hand accounts of what the Prophet Joseph said are referred to as “lesser sources.” Most of the confusion about the geography of the Book of Mormon results from lesser sources. One of the most undervalued and supreme sources of Joseph Smith’s teachings was an early church newspaper in Nauvoo, Illinois titled the Times and Seasons. By a “thus saith the Lord” revelation, Joseph assumed the editorship of the Times and Seasons from March of 1842 to October of 1842. Several editorials dictated and approved of by Joseph identified Zarahemla being in the Guatemala of 1842 and the “small or narrow” neck of land being in Central America. Once either Zarahemla or the narrow neck of land have been discovered, one has found the axis mundi of the primary American events of the Book of Mormon.

A comprehensive Author Identification Study confirmed the Prophet Joseph’s authorship of the Times and Seasons articles in question. The details and methodology of the Author Identification Study are reported on in this book. Also the reasons why one should accept Joseph Smith’s words above other sources and his whereabouts during the editions of the Times and Seasons editorials in question.

Other interesting findings about volcanoes, the Law of Moses and the calendars, and how the Gold Plates arrived in Palmyra, New York are found with the pages of this book.