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“Because one boy had a question, he went in search of an answer. Because one boy searched for an answer, he found one. Because one boy found an answer, he decided to pray. Because one boy prayed, he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus.”

Joseph Smith had a question, so he turned to God for an answer. The purpose of this story is to help young children understand Joseph Smith’s journey to find truth. Teaching them that their prayers will be heard and answered. It shows that one simple prayer can change everything. We learn through primary to pray, but we see how influential prayer actually is in our lives. It also demonstrates how not only did he pray, but he worked hard to find the answer. Once he found an answer he prayed to confirm and ask for truth and instruction. Joseph’s First Prayer is a great first step in teaching your children about him and why we believe prayer changes lives.

The author, Scott Hoopes wanted to keep this story simple, fun, and meaningful for families to introduce the gospel in their homes. While illustrator Mar Fandos used bright, vivid colors to enhance the reader's experience. So they could truly immerse themselves into the story.

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