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Item #: LDP-CTR15131-MINI

Product Description

This is a Mini stainless steel foreign language CTR ring. These rings make excellent gifts for missionaries, members in their areas, new converts and members abroad (we ship anywhere in the world). These foreign language rings are available in 2 styles (regular and mini), and many different languages.

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Cannot make out letters and Scratches Easily

By vivico on 7/11/2018
I am a 61 year old LDS woman who wanted a CTR ring to put on my pinkie next to my wedding ring and this sounded so fun that I was really excited. When I got it, first of all, it looked more grey to me than black, it really depends on the angle to the light. I could not make out the lettering on it (even if it is Klingon), it just looked like a tiny scratch across it, and I have 20/20 vision! When I got it tilted just right in the light, I could see that it had an actual scratch on the black already. I felt it and the black is not something solid. It feels more grainy and that worried me about it staying on and not getting marked up. I did not send it back because I thought, well, the scratch is small and we will just see. I wore it one week and it is all scratched up. :( I never even got to get out of the house to show it off to anyone! I cleaned off the emblem in case there were any oils on it and had decided to try some clear fingernail polish over the top of it, to keep it from getting more scratches and maybe make it look a little more shiney. Well, it is in fact some type of grainy stuff and the fingernail polish dried looking grainy too. A second coat did not help. So I now have this shiney, grainy looking shield that you need a magnifying glass to see the Klingon scratch-mark writing and not just shiny scratches! I knew once I put anything on it, I could not send it back. I should have sent it back right away. Pretty sad about the whole thing because frankly, even $20 can be hard to come by sometimes, but I had a very special reason to want that CTR right by my wedding ring. I would not recommend this ring to anyone and I fear that any place you can get it from will probably be made the same. That is a shame and now I will have to wait until I can get the extra money again to get some other kind of CTR ring.
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By lahsteffen on 3/1/2017
I love the ring, but it is tiny, very tiny. The writing is so small you really can't see it. For this writing I would not by the mini.