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Saturday%27s Warrior Soundtrack CD saturdays warriors cd, saturdays warriors soundtrack
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Two Little Hands Item #: TLH-858164006013 -

Saturday's Warrior Special Edition Motion Picture Soundtrack CD is here! It includes Saturday's Warrior songs like you've never heard them before. All of the brand new songs from the film and beautiful instrumental tracks from the score are included.Songs: Blink of an EyeThe Circle of Our LovePullin' TogetherHumble WaySailing OnZero PopulationDidn't We Love Him? Line Upon LineSummer of Fair WeatherNever EnoughThere's Got to Be MoreFeelings of ForeverBrace Me UpSaturday's WarriorMore to This...

Saturday%27s Warrior Soundtrack CD - Original

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RLegacy Entertainment Item #: RL-HE-SWTS-CD -

Through the advances of digital technology, the listener can hear 'Saturday's Warrior,' the original soundtrack, with the same clarity of sound as when it was premiered live in 1974 by the original California cast and choir to whom this 15th Anniversary edition is proudly dedicated.1. Saturday's Warrior2. Circle of our Love3. Pullin' Together4. Humble Way5. Sailing On6. Will I wait for you?7. Daddy's Nose8. Zero Population9. Didn't We love Him10. Line Upon Line11. He's Just a Friend12. Paper...

Young Women Camp Songs CD

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LDS Distribution Center Item #: LDS-50045000 -

This audio recording contains accompaniment for the 24 songs and hymns in the Young Women Camp Manual. Also useful for families and individuals.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir: Handel%27s Messiah CD & DVD

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Soundburst Audio Item #: SBT-DBSB5147225 -

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square present the triumphant and angelic sound of George Frideric Handel’s masterpiece, Messiah.Taking over two years to record, the choir conductor, Mack Wilberg, has painstakingly captured an awe-inspiring version of arguably the best choral work ever written. The attention to every detail is impeccable, the vocal performances are unforgettable, and the “Hallelujah” chorus performed by the 360-member Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the...

Book of Mormon Songs CD
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Story Time Felts Item #: X-STF-4615 -

This CD includes the songs:  1- I Will Go, I will Do (Nephi and the Brass Plates) 2- Children of the Rod (Lehi's Dream) 3- When A Prophet Speaks for God (Abinadi) 4- A Witness of Him (Alma) 5- The Steps to Repentance (Alma the Younger & Sons of Mosiah) 6- Ammon the Great Missionary (Ammon) 7- I'm a Warrior of Light (Moroni, Helaman & 2000 Warriors) 8- Star of Faith (Samuel the Lamanite) 9- I know That My Savior Loves Me (Christ in America) 10- The Scriptures are for Me...