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John Bytheway Collection Vol. 3 - Talks on CD

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Nine bestsellers on compact disc, plus one new talk never before published on DVD! A total value of $150. It’s been twenty years since John Bytheway took center stage, and he’s been going strong ever since. This audio collection, including some of John's most recent work, is filled with even more Bytheway favorites! Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Home Earth Shakers 5 Things You Can Do Today to Bless Your Marriage We Seek After These Things Farm Wisdom for City Folks 5...

Ask Of God CD

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In this high-tech era, we are overflowing with information—and sadly, some misinformation. More information means more questions! In this engaging presentation based on James 1:5-6, John Bytheway evaluates three types of questions: "Gotcha," "Google," and "Golden." Golden questions are the most important in life, involving gospel truths and our place in the plan of salvation. "The problem," Brother Bytheway states, "is when we expect Google-speed answers to Golden Questions." Using scriptural...

The Essence of Greatness CD By Hank Smith

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How can we go from being just good to being great? In his latest talk, author and speaker Hank Smith answers this question. He quotes Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, who said, "Kindness is the essence of greatness...Who can tell that far-reaching impact we can have if we are only kind?" With his engaging stories, trademark humor, and illuminating quotes from the Brethren, Hank Smith teaches how simple kindness can change who we are and how we bless those around us. He says, "If you are building...