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Product Description

Latter-day Saints love personalizing their scriptures. Sometimes, however, a mistake happens or the scriptures are returned. Because of the personalization, these nearly-perfect scriptures are normally never sold. However, we're offering them to you at a deep discount to you. These scriptures have never been used or marked.

Your scriptures may come with: 

  • Painted or unpainted names and/or symbols
  • Minor defects on the cover
  • Slight discoloration

This quadruple combination includes the 2013 edition of the LDS King James Version Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price bound in one book. It contains cross-references to all the standard works, the Topical Guide, the Bible Dictionary, an index to the triple combination, two sections of maps and pictures, and footnote references to the Joseph Smith Translation. This quadruple combination is made with a simulated leather cover (reconstituted leather fibers), lightweight acid-free paper, gilded page edges and ribbon markers. Size is approximately 5¼″ x 7¼.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 9 Reviews:

Misprinted Quad

By MJ on 6/22/2020
The book was absolutely incredible. I am highly pleased.

Great Condition!

By Matthew on 5/11/2020
I got the quad and it looked almost brand new minus an image of the Angel Moroni on the front which I found kind of cool. I would for sure order another set cause it's adorable well yet not losing the quality.

the quad mormon book

By james pastorino on 2/19/2020
very nice …..good reading glad to get a copy !

A Bit Disappointed

By Bro. Fulton on 1/14/2020
The website gave the option to have the misprinted name removed or purchase a brass plate covering it. We opted to have the name removed. When the quad arrived the name was not removed. Upon emailing customer service we were informed that that option was no longer available. Other than that we are satisfied with the quad.

I love it

By Sister Booth on 10/27/2018
The things that are wrong with it are small things like one of my title pages the ink is faded or a misspelled word. Those things don't bother me for the price. It's a great deal and I love having my book and I love reading it.

By Grandma H. on 4/7/2018

These were affordable and the gold name plates look very nice.