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Personalized Filled Temple Print - Barnwood

Now comes framed!

Price: $44.99
    Ready to Ship: 5-7 Business Days
    Can be personalized
    • Now comes framed!
    • Available in four vibrant colors
    • Features a classic barnwood frame
    • Personalized with your temple & text
    Framed Art Size:

    Poster Color:
    • Burgundy
    • Gold
    • Gray
    • Turquoise

    Upgrade Your Art:
    Temple: *
    Line 1: (Ex: The Richens) *
    Max: 30 character(s)
    Line 2: (Ex: Established 4/26/2014) *
    Max: 30 character(s)
    Update price

    This exclusive Personalized Temple Vector Print is perfect for remembering the most important moments of your life. You can choose your temple and two lines of text. Celebrate an endowment date, a wedding, or another important occasion.

    By using the spaces above, you can customize the poster so that it includes the names, dates, or quotes that mean the most to you.

    Choose from two different sizes. Your print can come on 35lb heavyweight paper or matte canvas in a beautiful barnwood frame.

    NOTE: Due to the shape and spacing of some temples, your poster may be placed on a horizontal 17 x 11 inch poster. To see if your temple will be placed on a horizontal poster, click here.

    To see what your temple will look like, use the following lists:

    Here are few examples of the text you place on your poster to help you get started!

    Example 1:

    Line 1: The Smiths

    Line 2: Established 9/18/2016

    Example 2:

    Line 1: Jessica & Sam Smith

    Line 2: Time & All Eternity - September 2016

    Example 3:

    Line 1: Ashley Smith

    Line 2: Endowed 9/18/2016