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Product Description

This specially designed Family Poster Pack is a perfect addition to your home. This pack comes complete with the Family Proclamation, Articles of Faith, and The Living Christ.

Buying this pack saves you 10%, compared to buying them separately.

Hang these up at home, frame them, or give them as gifts for weddings, anniversaries, and more.

Customize the beautiful Family Proclamation by filling out the boxes above. You can include your family's last name, date of a marriage, family motto, or any message that fits the character limit of 20.

This poster pack is available in four different sizes:

11 x 17 inches
16 x 20 inches
18 x 24 inches
24 x 36 inches

There are also three different colors:


Select your options above, and each poster will come as selected.

These posters come as a coated matte finish print on 35lb heavyweight paper.

These posters are also available individually and as nonpersonalized printables.