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I just got home from serving a mission and I can't even count how many bags I bought while searching for the right one. I wanted one that was cute and also realistic. I felt like just because I was a missionary didn't mean I couldn't still have cute stuff. Eventually I gave in and just used a black bag because I couldn't find another one that was also realistic. This bag is the perfect mixture and a great missionary bag. I love how it has a flap but also has a zipper. It also has pockets inside which would be perfect for pens and pass along cards. And it has a spot you could even put a water bottle in your bag which is something ever missionary wants! I wish I would have seen this bag before spending money and time trying to find a bag like this!


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Your sister missionary can combine style with necessity to make sure she has everything she needs close by. Choose from any of our three designs, including this pink floral tote, the blue stripe tote, and the black damask tote.