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Product Description:

Oil Packets™ are single-use pouches of pure extra virgin olive oil that are ready to consecrate. Simply tear the top off of the notched packet, ensure that it is open, consecrate the oil and then administer the blessing.

Oil Packets™ are designed to help priesthood holders be better prepared to administer blessings by addressing the inherent problems associated with vials: evaporation, spoilage, leakage and not being able to see how much oil, if any, is present. The packets are the size of a credit card which allows both men and women to carry them in the following convenient locations:

Wallet • Purse • Phone case • Suit pocket • Scripture bag • Diaper bag • Glove compartment • First aid kit • Outdoor day pack • Camera bag • Luggage • Gym/sports bag Laptop/tablet case • Nightstand • Desk drawer • Backpack

Hermetically sealed, Oil Packets™ have long shelf lives, do not require refrigeration and can be added to 72-hour kits and long-term food storage.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:


So simple and easy to carry

great product because of it's portability

Perfect for travel.

I received this product and offered it to our Priesthood to carry .

I wound up using mine the next day at church when a person asked for a blessing.

I had my oil. I followed the packet instructions and gave the blessing . It works great. Now i have another one in my wallet for next time. I will not be cought without my oil ever again. GSW.