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These gold foil scripture tabs are both inexpensive and easy to apply. Nicely packaged with detailed instructions.

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Great concept, bad execution

LIKES: They are small enough that they aren't in the way and they don't get caught on stuff. They're easily readable.

DISLIKES: I assume these are supposed to be a solid piece that you fold over on itself once you place it on the page. The issue I faced was that the scoring on the fold line was too deep and they were actually cut in half. When I take it off the paper it comes off in two pieces. I'm still able to apply them but it's taking a long time because I have to put the sticker on one side of the page then get the other half and carefully place it on the other side so they line up properly.

QUad Scripture Tabs

My recent order #10098402. was not received so far order was placed on the Juil 12, it was supposed to be ship by Canada DHL International. did not here about it so far.

A waiting Customer


love the Quad tabs!!

I received a Quad as a gift for my baptism and love, love, love it. The only problem? Finding this or that scripture reading quickly and easily. To the rescue-- Quad tabs! Not only were they inexpensive ($4!) and quick to arrive, but just the right size. And easy to apply. There were even "practice" tabs...which i used to separate the books in the Quad (placing on top of pages instead of sides like the headings for the various chapters). Definitely advise purchasing these Quad tabs!!