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The Saratov Approach is the extraordinary, untold story of Elders Travis Tuttle and Andrew Propst and their week-long abduction in Saratov, Russia. On what seemed like any other day during their two-year LDS missions, Elders Travis Tuttle and Andrew Propst are approached by Nikolai to meet a friend. But then the missionaries experience the unimaginable -- kidnapped, beaten, and held for ransom for nearly a week -- on the other side of the world in Saratov, Russia. While their family, friends and the world pray for their safe return, Tuttle and Propst are tested physically, emotionally and most of all -- spiritually.

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Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:

Great movie

By Paul J Heath on 1/22/2020
This was the greatest movie that I've seen, the details of what these two missionaries experienced when they were kidnapped was unbelievable.

The Saratov Approach

By Jim, WI guy on 4/2/2017
Fascinating story, gripping drama and the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat while I watched the deliverance of these two normal human beings wrestle with good and evil, right or wrong, and being true to their conviction of being rescued. Highly impacting!

The Saratov Approach

By robbielu on 3/15/2017
This is a "must see" video for all who have served in the former Soviet Block countries. It is near to my heart as my son was to open the Helsinki/St. Petersberg mission, but instead was sent to Kiev, Ukraine with President Bidulf. It is comforting to experience with these elders the final outcome for them and a real "gut wrenching" and tearful experience that the parents were subjected to. This is a true testimony of the mercies of the Savior as he changed to hearts of the captors and they in turn spared the lives of these two elders.

Saratov Approach DVD

By Barbara on 2/6/2016
Based on the true story of the abduction of two Mormon missionaries, this movie shows that not letting fear overcome your faith can result in "miracles". Throughout the film the suspense is riveting.

Saratov Approach

By Saratov Approach Video on 11/28/2015
A very exciting and faith promoting video. I loved it! Initially I watched it on Netflix and decided to get the video to show to my non member Families. These missionaries had a lot of faith and courage. I don't mind watching it again and again. We can learn a lot from their experience.

Saratov approch DVD

By Carl on 1/17/2015
First saw this in the movie Theater, very good and moving movie. My wife wanted our own copy, got it for her for Christmas.