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This beautiful print by Simon Dewy depicts the Savior healing a young mother and her child. It is available in three different print sizes to meet your needs. The matted option is especially ideal for framing. 

Artist Note: 

It is difficult to imagine the peace that must have come to those believers who walked in the presence of Jesus the Christ. Just being near the Master would have been remarkable, but then to have an ailment removed from the body - one that had plagued it for many years - would be a treasure of infinite worth. Healing, for the most part, transpired after faith on the part of the afflicted combined with the divine power from the Son of God to work a miracle. This same principle exists today. If we display faith sufficient, and if it is God's will, his power can work a mighty change within us, renewing us to perfect health. This is a true reminder that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. ~Simon Dewey

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