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Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. ~ Matthew 5:16 

The example we set may be the only gospel message that some people ever receive. When we think of our example to others in those terms we can see why the Savior associated light with this principle. I hoped to show that even children can be taught that the way they live their lives can be the most significant missionary tool. It is quite a challenge to photograph models using candle light but the play of shadows across the forms can be visually very appealing. It is not typical in paintings for the actual light source to be apparent, but I felt that seeing the small flame illuminating the scene might remind us of the Light of Christ, the unique individual filling the universe with His influence. ~ Simon Dewey

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Beautiful print. Nicely framed. Proud to display in my home.

Emanating Light

I ordered this photo for my mom who was ill. Her father passed away when she was only twelve years old. She has been angry with God most of her life. When I saw this photo online I broke down and cried! I thought of my mom as a little girl and how much Jesus loves her! I had to buy it for her. I thought if only she saw this photo maybe it would speak to her soul. Unfortunately, my mom passed away on December 18th, before the picture arrived. I was able to contact LDS and ask them to send it to me instead. I now have it on my wall. It is all the more precious to me now that my Mom is gone. The only thing I would change about this purchase is to buy it much larger. I will rectify this in the near future. I love this photo! I hope you will too! Jesus does love you!

Nice but not as impressive as I thought

Quality could be a bit better.


Thatcher, Arizona
I recently ordered a large picture for our new home for my wife's birthday. It came in record time. I can't wait u til November when we can open it up and hang it in our living room. Top notch company here. I will order here again.