• By Simon Dewey
  • 5 x 7 unmatted or matted print
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To be with God simon Dewey 5x7 print

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beautiful picture

I like how this picture reminds me of the beautiful canyons and peaceful setting we all have because of our Lord.

To Be With God

Have always loved this picture. Wish there was a 11x14 color print that was $1.50- $2.00 like the Distribution Centers had of the Temples.

To Be With God

Striking image of Christ praying in the wilderness. As one with physical limit-ations, I especially like that he is sitting, because it's as if he is looking through the ages and blessing the efforts of those of us who cannot converse with Heavenly Father on our knees.

Touching and inspiring

haciendo mis oraciones sentada

Santiago, Chile
me gusta este cuadro porque Jesus esta sentado orando al Padre. Yo por una lesiĆ³n a la rodilla izquierda no puedo arrodillarme porque me produce mucho dolor. este cuadro me dio consuelo que mi Padre Celestial escuchara mis oraciones, mientras trato de mejorarme.Translation: I like this painting because Jesus is sitting praying to the Father. I cannot kneel on my left knee because it brings a lot of pain. This art piece gave me comfort that my Heavenly Father hears my prayers, and I try to become better.