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As you embark on any new adventure, whether it's schooling or a mission or a career, there are nuggets of wisdom from others that can prove invaluable. Mitt and Ann Romney have found lessons in their own life experiences, so they wrote a letter to their grandchildren in hopes of helping them face critical decisions and turning points. And now they share those bits of wisdom—for finding your own abundant life—with you.

From their insights about the "Five Big Years" (ages 15 to 20), to their beliefs about God and church, to marriage and raising a family, and finally to what constitutes success and what builds character, the Romneys will inspire you to be better tomorrow than you are today. And perhaps their vulnerable authenticity will help you find a way to leave your own legacy of values, love, and wisdom to those who will follow after you.

Includes stationery and envelope in the back to share your own simple truths with the ones you love.

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