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Hand-Bound Genuine Leather Quad - Blush Pink (4.78/5 stars from 18 reviews)

Crafted by hand and with an abundance of love and care, this hand-bound leather quad is a beautiful way to treasure up the word of God. Each one is made from the standard quadruple combination...

Daughter loves her light pink quad

She’s 8 and just got baptized. She has been carrying them around all day since she got them. Very good quality and came just as ordered.

Good, not great

The binding is great and the color is so pretty. However, for the price there shouldn’t be any mistakes. The pages are cut differently so some of the pages have spacing at the top and some very little. It cheapens the book. Also the edges of the pages are cut uneven as well as all of the notches for the indexing. Some of the book titles aren’t readable. Also as another customer mentioned, the lettering on the cover does not look or feel embossed. It just looks and feels printed. I feel like I received a scratch and dent quad. Not happy about paying over $200. I compared this with my 32 yr old mini quad and the quality just isn’t as good except for the leather and binding.
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I love my new scriptures. I love the personalization and the craftsmanship here is outstanding. Being able to add ribbons is nice because it helps in scripture study and I'm going on a mission. The leather is real and it is very supple. Some people have complained about the embossing, I can testify that it is real embossing and not printed. On my scriptures I can see the indents made as my name was pressed down.

The reason I left only four stars is because of a few small things that didn't bother me too much, but that I thought should be mentioned.

First, there are a few slight nicks in my leather.

Second, the ribbons aren't the same length. It's not bad, but it is noticable. I think for $230 scriptures that ought to be better.

Third, I believe they take scriptures from dessert book, and because their scriptures have quality control issues, LDS bookstore does too. So although my scriptures are nice, there are a few cosmetic flaws that came from the original supplier. Again, with such a hefty price tag I would hope for better quality control. However, I would still purchase again. The scriptures are stunning and make an amazing gift if you can afford it. I love them and wouldn't return. I was already expecting a few cosmetic flaws anyways. It helped that I read reviews.
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I just received my blush pink leather quad scriptures and I love them. Very nice quality. I can't wait to dive in. Thank you

Pretty pink scriptures

Bought these for my daughter and she just loves them, they are beautiful and great quality. I would highly recommend.


Such a beautiful gift for our Emma. She will love it!


The personalized blush pink scriptures were a gift for a granddaughter who was baptized. She is thrilled! She wants to carry them everywhere. What a lovely idea to offer colored scriptures!

So cute!

<p>I am absolutely in love with my scriptures! Thank you so much for adding a little joy to scripture reading. Love supporting a family business too!</p>