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Elvish Choose the Right Ring - Narrow (4.78/5 stars from 41 reviews)

Be as unique as the millions of Latter-day Saints throughout the world with these exclusive rings only from Now you can choose the right in the language that you love best with...

Elvish CTR ring

My daughter loves it

Elvish Ring

Excellent prompt delivery and looks great!

Thank you so much!


This was a Christmas gift for my daughter. She absolutely loves it! (She is a huge Lord of the Rings fan.)

I love it

I love Lord of the Rings so when I saw this ring I had to have it and it is awesome!!!!!

Ladies thin band Elvish ring

I remarried two years ago and chose brass rings or my husband and I because I am a Lord of the Rings fan and I love the saying choose the right because that's what you always want to do both in life and in a marriage. My husband and I recently with this order we purchased the ranks that we got as they have gotten warm and you couldn't see the Elvish writing anymore and we really love these rings and wanted to enjoy him we had decided to coat them with something to make them or permanently beautiful

Jacksonville Florida

LDP-RNGC1511850 Elvish Choose the Right Ring - Narrow

I absolutely LOVE this ring! I have ALWAYS wanted a Choose The Right ring but none of them were ever right. They were too flowery or too this or that. When I saw this one I knew I HAD to have it. I have shown it to every missionary that is currently in our Ward which is 8 currently and they ALL love it. I have worn it to a wedding and shared it with the bride and groom and now they want one. This ring truly is THE ONE ring to rule them all. Thanks for thinking of this!

Like it but not as high quality as expected

Scratches easy and finish is dull, not polished as seen in photo


I lost my wedding band MONTHS ago, and this turned out to be the PERFECT replacement. Not only does it look and feel similar to my old one, but the elvish is elegant and appeals to my enjoyment of things fantasy while reminding me of my covenants with not only my wife, my God as well.

Love it

I purchased this ring for myself. I love it. The design is great even though the inscription around the ring is faint.

Love it!

My kiddos are giving it to me on Mother's Day, so I'm not wearing it yet, but I did try it on when it came in to make sure it fits. I'm very excited to wear it!