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Saints Volume 2: No Unhallowed Hand (4.86/5 stars from 21 reviews)

In volume two, with mobs threatening to drive them from their homes, thousands of Latter-day Saints flee Nauvoo, their gathering place for the past seven years. Following Brigham Young and the...

Saints No Unhallowed Hand

I read the Saints books in my LDS app and loved them! My mom can’t on her phone so I bought her the books for Mother’s Day and she’s excited to read them too!

Saints No Unhallowed Hand

Just received it and enjoying it even more the the vol 1. Very hard to put down and get any work at home done. Wonderful book I will treasure forever. Thanks.

Saints No Unhallowed Hand

Great book easy read came faster than I expected pretty wonderful

Saints part 2

I'm a history buff so I enjoy reading our history

Saints Vol 2

I waited what feels like an eternity for this book and was not disappointed!! You will love it!!!

Saints volume two

I loved saints volume one and I am now loving saints volume two and look forward to saints volume three and four.

Saints, vol 2

1. These first two volumes were easy reading ("drawing on techniques of popular storytelling") and are guaranteed to please the "first-time" reader of Church history ("a narrative history written for a general audience") by giving them chronological accounts of the many concurrent events the early Saints experienced.

2. I have over thirteen-hundred Church books and journals, including more than a hundred books on Church history, and am a numbers, dates, detail-oriented, underline, write in the margins, tab pages with sticky-notes... kinda guy; am not too interested in touchy-feely vignettes ("lay awake crying" / "looked up at the sky, saw the countless stars of the Milky Way, and felt homesick" / "her evenings were often filled with dinners, parties, and concerts" / "she would wear a red geranium on her dress" / etc.).

3. The end-notes testify of the extreme effort the researchers and writers took to be accurate, so when a position / policy statement is written, I can be sure that consideration in the appropriate words to use considered the many criticisms previously made by critics and apostates ("the volume rarely addresses challenges in or to the historical record in the text itself"). Even so, I would have liked the end-notes to have included additional information regarding each incident, but only a couple of times did the end-notes add anything to "the rest of the story."

4. No real complaints; always glad to read "official" Church publications, am grateful for the Church's effort to clarify and declare, and I'll be happy to purchase and read the remaining two volumes.

Saints. No Unhallowed Hand

This is exactly what I wanted/thought it would be. I have just started reading this and find it very interesting,

The Saints - No Unhallowed hand

I haven't finished yet, love all that I have read so far.

Unhallowed Ground

Love it! It tells church history in a way I understand. It's really good learning and entertainment.