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The Call - Framed

Item #: D-AFA-JCTC
Price: $34.99
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    • By artist Jorge Cocco
    • Features Christ calling His disciples
    • Available on textured print or giclee canvas
    • Choose from multiple frame sizes & styles
    • All dimensions listed include the frame
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    Artists Note:

    This painting won the purchase award at the Church Museum’s international competition in 2015, and it was the first painting I did in the new sacrocubism style.

    The selection of blues is dominant in the pallet and signify that it was a crucial moment in history and in complete separation of worldly logic. The Lord chose the future leaders of the Church among the most humble individuals.

    A stripe of white light descends over the Savior symbolizing purity. The Lord comes into the scene framed by an inverted L, the symbol of righteousness, and his horizontally stretched arm, vigorously indicates the certainty of his election. As an echo, the sail and the ship form another L. The group of fishermen are in the middle of the balance between their earthly chores and the sacred calling; that is another reason why they are not completely identified, but are vaguely synthesized.

    Please note, all sizes come with a specific frame style. These frame styles are not interchangeable. When you select a size, the frame style will be displayed.