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Imagine having a text which details not only the personal history of the most important person of all time, but uses four different viewpoints to do so. The story would be filled with more details, more verifiable truths, and even more historical accuracies than any single viewpoint. The Fifth Gospel by Larry Ward allows us to experience just that.

Bringing together all four of the Gospels, Ward undertakes the painstaking task of weaving together the sometimes disparate writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. More complete than the diatessaran (written by Tatian in the first century AD), The Fifth Gospel offers faithful readers a new glimpse into the old stories they believe they have already heard everything from. Along with combined verses, Ward includes a full dictionary, colored maps, a concordance, and footnotes. These additions will aid readers in getting the full experience of the miraculous tale they are reading. These references are there to help readers along, while giving returning belivers a touchstone to work from.

No matter where readers come from as they approach The Fifth Gospel, they are sure to all leave together on the same path. A path to truth and faith which cannot be denied.

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