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Many people dream of becoming self-reliant during these times of fluctuating prices and uncertain job security. Using truly simple techniques, you can cultivate the pioneer's independence to provide safety against lost wages, harsh weather, economic recession, and commercial contamination and shortages. Strengthen your family's self-reliance as you discover anew the joy of homegrown food, thrift, and self-sufficient living.

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Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

Wish I new more.

By Jonathyn on 5/7/2020
Cant give a book a decent review when not much information is given. At least provide some topics covered so that we know what we’re buying.

By Elissa on 1/17/2015
We have a big land that we didn't use at all.. Since I bought and read the book we will be able to grow our own vegetables. The author gives clear explanations and the colorful pictures make it a very attractive book.