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This DVD contains 50 short selections from The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos, portraying key scenes of the Savior’s life and His teachings from the four Gospels. Six longer compilation videos are also included. This resource may serve as a helpful supplement for family home evenings and for family and classroom study of the New Testament.

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I got it for a gift but haven't heard from them if they like it or not.

The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos

How wonderful to hear the Received Text performed on film and so tastefully done. The acting cast, the phrasing of verses and the music were truly blessed from Above. And the British accent gives honor to the land where James I commanded the one Bible to be taken from the "Received Text:" the only text that historically can be traced back to Lucian of Antioch and before him the Apostles themselves. But I'm sad that there is so little attention let alone approbation from the world for this film. It seems the enemy of life works to shroud this masterpiece. So be it. It will receive Heaven's Oscar for all the souls that will be saved for eternal life through this movie. Well done, LDS.

Life of Christ video

I find this to be one of the best video's on the life of the Savior ever. It's so good I have given it to family and friends as gifts. I think it is a great Missionary tool and when I feel down, or frustrated with things in my life, I can put this in and find those things become easier to handle.

The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos

My family loved this video. We loved it so much that we got it for everyone in our extended family for Christmas. I have only heard positive feed back from them. I love how the scriptures are the script for the videos. I was very impressed by the beautiful scenery and setting for these bible stories which make you feel the cast was actually in Jerusalem. I love the spirit that comes in my home as we watch the videos in this DVD. It is a wonderful family activity to watch the DVD together.