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The Book of Mormon lands can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle, a near impossible task. Not anymore! Watch the pieces fall together as Phyllis accomplishes the task of laying out the map. Walk the land as she takes you through various territories described in the Book of Mormon, lands made sacred by the Savior.


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Very interesting

By Jolin on 2/21/2016
The author has gone to great lengths to research her theory that the Book of Mormon lands are in upstate New York. I found her work to be very interesting and well reasoned. Even if one doesn't agree that the Book of Mormon lands are in New York it's still fascinating to hear another point of view. I would read other books by this author.

The book is The Lost Empires and Vanished Races of The Book of Mormon by Phyllis Carol Olive.

By Mary Stickley on 10/6/2015
If I could of rated it a"0" I would have. She takes truths established to back up her "research". In one paragraph she states how the topography has changed then uses that same item to back up her book. How did the Nephites maneuver a ship up the Mississippi River? Why travel all that way past land after land to finally disembark at Lake Erie? The winters are harsh. She explains that the reference to seas in The Book of Mormon were actually lakes. Joseph Smith gave as a pure translation thru the Holy Ghost. If the Lord wanted us to understand it to be lakes, He would have Joseph write lakes. So where is the eastern sea? Her explanation is the topography has changed. She uses it when it suits her purpose. I'd feed this book to goats, but it would make them sick. I thought I was safe buying from LDS book store. Apparently I was wrong.