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The Message

On Christmas Day, 1998, Lance Richardson was involved in an accident which later left him in a comatose state for several weeks. While his body was being kept alive by medical support equipment, his spirit passed into the world beyond. In "The Message," Lance describes his experience in the world of spirits and delivers to us a message giving a greater understanding of the importance of families and the future of America. He was also taught concerning a most important principle of their society of peace, which, if followed by the people of this great nation, would rescue us from self-destruction.

From Our Side

Lance and Jozet Richardson enjoyed five precious years between Lance's coma and unexpected death. During this time, Lance shared with his family what he learned in the next life about how are deceased loved ones help us as our guardian angels, making it possible for them to recognize his angelic help after he died.

Many have asked if Lance saw God during his near-death experience, and if God really allows our guardian angels to guide and help us. Others have sought suggestions on how to raise who are strong in their faith after going through such trama. Some wonder if grieving ever ends, and also wished to hear the miraculous story of how Lance led Jozet to find love again.

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The Message

I love this book and refer to it time and time again! It is a great book and a quick read. I would recommend this book especially for those who have lost a loved one. It is so reassuring and makes you feel at peace!