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Who's Your Hero? teaches young children about heroic examples from the Book of Mormon, but even more: At the end of each scripture story, children will learn timely heroic lessons for today. For example, Ammon loves to do chores around the house (just like he loved helping King Lamoni with his horses), and Nephi doesn't complain when it's time to go to bed (just like he didn't complain when his father Lehi asked him to do hard things). Family home evening ideas and activities are also featured. Who's Your Hero? is ideal for starting children early on to love the Book of Mormon.

This first volume has nine heroes, spanning from 1 Nephi through mid Alma.

  • NEPHI Never Complains LEHI'S FAMILY Holds Fast to the Word of God
  • ENOS Prays Sincerely
  • KING BENJAMIN & His People Commit to Christ (NEW)
  • ABINADI Shows Courage
  • ALMA Apologizes
  • AMULEK & ALMA Cooperate
  • AMMON Loves to Share
  • ABISH Acts on Inspiration (NEW)

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