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Dads are there for us in big moments and small, filling us with the confidence that we can handle anything that comes our way—with their help, of course. With fun illustrations depicting many of the simple ways dads teach and guide us, this short book will help you express to your dad just how much he means.

"Because of you, Dad, I feel 10 feet tall, like I can tackle anything.

And I know I have shoulders to ride on when I get tired.

I know what and who I want to be when I grow up.

I believe I can do anything, and know I'll always have someone who...

"Because of you, Dad, I know more about my Father in Heaven.

And what unfailing love looks like—and feels like.

I have a testimony of priesthood power and how it can be used to do the Lord's work.

And I recognize that making time to love and serve others can ...

Every dad should know his efforts are recognized and appreciated. Pay tribute and say thank you to the wonderful dads in your life through this sweet and humorous collection of thoughts, including a page ready to personalize with your very own, "Because of you, Dad . . ."

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