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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Questions:

Can I place an order using check or money order?
Unfortunately we no longer accept money orders or personal checks. If you need assistance placing an order using a credit or debit card, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Do you have a store where I can purchase or pickup items?
As an online company, we prefer to ship items straight to your home, we do try to accommodate all customer requests. If you would like to place an order and pick it up in our Orem, Utah office, please contact us.

Discount Questions:

Do you offer quantity discounts? We do offer quantity discounts. Please contact us for additional information.

Do you price match?
Yes, we do price match. Simply contact us to have us match a competitors price.

Ring Questions:

How do I figure out my ring size?
Follow the instructions on our ring size page or you can get your finger sized at a local WalMart or jeweler for free.

What is the metal content of your sterling silver rings?
Our sterling silver rings are: 95.5% silver, 3% copper, & 0.5% misc metals. To avoid allergies, we have several stainless steel, titanium, gold and tungsten rings.

Can I custom order a ring?
Absolutely! You can make your own ring here.

How do I return / exchange a ring?
Simply print & follow the instructions on our ring / return form.

How do I clean my ring?
Rings can be cleaned with detergent and water. Sterling silver rings will tarnish. To prevent them from tarnishing, store in polyethylene bag when not wearing. When your sterling silver ring does tarnish, a silver polishing cloth can take the tarnish right off. Silver polishing cloths also work on rings made of different metals. A simple old-fashioned way to remove tarnish is to use a toothbrush and toothpaste to polish up the ring and remove tarnish

Art Questions:

Can I ordered unframed art?
Our art can be ordered unframed. Please contact us for prices & to place an order for unframed art.

Is your art printed on canvas?
Our Liz Lemon Swindle paintings are printed on canvas. All of our other art is mounted on a masonite board sprayed with a giclée finish, which protects & preserves your art.

How do I clean my art?
Most of our art can be cleaned with a damp rag because it is sprayed with a protective coating. However, do not use cleaners because they may discolor the frame or the art.

Do you have more temple pictures than what is listed on the website?
Unfortunately we do not have every temple. All of the available temples are listed on our website.

What is a temple plaque?
The temple plaques are mounted on a block of wood that has beveled edges. Each plaque comes with an easel.

Statue Questions:

What are your statues made of?
Our statues are made of fine cultured marble, high-quality porcelain, durable brass, and bronze finish. The material of each statue is listed on the individual products.

Do you have other temple statues available?
Unfortunately, temple statues are not available for every temple. The available temple statues are all listed on our website.

Shipping Questions:

Do you have international shipping?
We ship smaller items (scripture accessories, pins, recommend holders, vials & jewelry) internationally. For shipping on larger items (art, statues, scriptures, books & scripture totes) please contact us for a shipping quote. Additional shipping charges may be incurred on international shipments. You will be contacted via email before your order ships if this is the case. For more information contact us.

When will my order ship?
Most all orders ship within 24-48 hours. Engraving, embossing, personalization & gift wrapping can delay shipping up to a week. Please note all art orders can take 1-3 weeks to process before they ship. For more information about shipping times, visit our shipping page. For other questions, please contact us.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Delivery times vary according to location. For Standard US Mail shipping: 1-4 business days for Utah orders, 2-6 business days for Mountain State orders, 4-7 business days for Pacific State orders, 6-10 business days for Eastern State orders and 1-3 weeks for International orders. Visit our shipping page for more information.

Can I track my order?
Enter your order number (on your receipt, received through email) in our order tracking page for a status update. If the item was shipped FedEx or Priority Mail, tracking numbers can also be found on this page when the order number is entered. For questions about backorders, please contact us.

Return Questions:

What is your return policy?
At LDS we carry the highest expectations for our customer service, and for our products. If you are for ANY reason unhappy with our products or service, we will gladly accept returns on any product (excluding engraved rings, embossed products & personalized art) for a refund (minus a 15% restocking fee) within 60 days of the original purchase. All shipping for returns on damaged items will be paid for by LDS Shipping will be refunded on damaged goods. We want to make you another happy LDS customer, if you have questions or special requests please contact us. To view our full refund and privacy policies, please click here.

How do I return / exchange a ring?
Simply print & follow the instructions on our ring / return form.

What if the items I order were damaged when I received them?
Please contact us for information on how to receive a replacement.

What if all of my items did not arrive?
Sometimes different items are shipped from different manufacturers and locations. They should arrive within a couple days of each other if not on the same day. If the other items do not arrive within a couple days, please contact us.

My art has a typo / misspelling. How do I get a replacement?
Errors are very uncommon but they do happen. If your piece has a misspelling or typo, please contact us and we will get a replacement shipped. If the misspelling or typo was entered when the order was placed, a discount of 25% will be given on a replacement piece.

New Product Questions:

Do you offer books for the Kindle, Nook, iPad, and mobile devices?
Unfortunately, we do not at this time.

Do you accept new products?
We are not accepting new product submissions at this time. 

Do you accept new artists & art?
We only sell art from artists distributed through Altus Fine Art. Please contact them directly at 801-763-9788.