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This book contains 137 pictures for learning and teaching at home or at church.

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You can do it! In this booklet, David J. Ridges reminds busy and sometimes frazzled mothers that even during the darkest days, when beset by self doubt, hope weaves its way through the unpredictability of daily life. He teaches that having a "perfect brightness of hope" means having confidence while you work through your imperfections, not after you've worked through them.Booklet16 pages

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Mothers everywhere will love this short booklet celebrating all they do. Written by renowned author Carol Lynn Pearson, these eight true experiences from her life will warm the heart of every mother as she reads and remembers the precious moments in her own mothering career. Honor your mother with this beautiful tribute to motherhood and let her know how much you appreciate those little moments.Paperback16 pages8.5 x 5.5 x 0.1 inches

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Lessons and Games for Family Home Evening Based on the New Testament Stop stressing over family home evenings and instead grow closer as a family while you enjoy these 30 unique lessons from the New Testament. Monday Nights by the Sea of Galilee includes scriptures, charts, maps, and questions to help even the youngest scriptorian learn from the four Gospels and have fun at the same time Each lesson includes the following aids: Background Information, explains who you are reading about and...

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It only takes a few taps on a mobile device for a curious young child to find an endless supply of deviant, hard-core, and addicting pornography—all for free. Unfortunately, many young kids are being exposed to pornography without the slightest clue that it can damage their developing minds. Good Pictures Bad Pictures is a comfortable, read-aloud story about a mom and dad who teach their child what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to reject it. Using easy-to-understand science and...

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Here is your invitation to step into the kitchen and create a meal worth remembering! Tara Teaspoon helps you impress guests and gather friends around your table with recipes for elevated everyday meals and special holidays, plus helpful tips and how-tos. This cookbook aims to bring joy, flair, and amazing taste to all your get-togethers. From Sunday suppers and weeknight family meals to elaborate buffets for bigger crowds and holiday celebrations, Tara’s recipes include delicious showstoppers...

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