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Monday Nights by the Sea of Galilee

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    Lessons and Games for Family Home Evening Based on the New Testament
    Stop stressing over family home evenings and instead grow closer as a family while you enjoy these 30 unique lessons from the New Testament. Monday Nights by the Sea of Galilee includes scriptures, charts, maps, and questions to help even the youngest scriptorian learn from the four Gospels and have fun at the same time

    Each lesson includes the following aids:
    Background Information, explains who you are reading about and helps you make the connection between this story and other Book of Mormon stories
    Word Quest, a list of terms that children may not be familiar with
    References to the Gospel Art Picture Kit, which will provide exciting visual aids
    Suggested Questions to help you conduct a meaningful discussion with your children
    Treasures of Knowledge, explanations that will further enhance the verses you just read

    Let this book help your family grow together and increase their knowledge of the Book of Mormon.