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Book of Mormon Stories Childrens Frame Puzzle
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Enjoy hours of fun with this cleverly illustrated puzzle showing Nephi's adventures. When you finish the puzzle, look for a tent, treasure, Laban's men chasing Nephi and his brothers, Nephi tied up, the tree of life, the great and spacious building, the Liahona, Nephi's broken bow, and Nephi building a ship. Learn the story of how he followed the commandments of God with this fun forty-piece frame puzzle.

Scripture Princesses Childrens Frame Puzzle
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Discover your favorite scripture princess of God in this wonderful illustration. This bright 40 piece frame puzzle that brings you along on their adventure with women that your girls can look up to. This includes Eve, Rebekah, Miriam, Esther, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Abish, and Emma. A puzzle that can help introduce these scripture princesses at a young age. In the scriptures we learn about the differences these women make and how they shaped the world around them. They saw dangerous journeys and...

United States Temple Map Puzzle lds temple puzzle, lds puzzles, temples of the world puzzle, us temples puzzle
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Throw the gear in the station wagon, we're going on a road trip! There's lots to see as we criss-cross the country, from the rocket launch at Cape Canaveral to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. This 1000-piece puzzle of the United States is a captivating way to unwind and rejuvenate, whether you're gathered around with loved ones or passing time on your own. You'll enjoy the playful depictions of every region of our vast land and appreciate anew the blessings of the temples that "dot...

Temples of the World Puzzle lds temple puzzle, lds puzzles, temples of the world puzzle, lds temples of the world
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Grab your passport! This unique journey around the world will delight your family and give you a fresh perspective. Bryan Beach's colorful map of the world sets an expansive mood, celebrating cultures, geography, wildlife, and even musical instruments. Distinctive depictions of 84 temples add a peaceful touch. The overall effect makes assembling this puzzle an enjoyable project. The finished product is a beauty to frame and display. If you don't already know how satisfying and unifying puzzles...

Tree of Life Puzzle lds puzzle, tree of life puzzle,
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Featuring your favorite LDS artists and photographers, our collection of LDS puzzles is fun for the entire family! This 100 piece puzzle by artist Jorge Cocco measures 13" x 19" when completed and is made from the finest high-quality puzzle materials. Our puzzles are the perfect way to invite the Spirit into your home and have an enjoyable time. It also makes a great gift for primary children, parents, teachers, and the young in heart.

Puzzles are a great activity for the entire family! Our collection of LDS puzzles feature many different subjects, from inspiring images of the Savior and temples to fun holiday themes and scripture stories. They are perfect for Sunday evenings and General Conference weekends. From teachers and parents to primary children and seminary classes, everyone can enjoy our LDS puzzles.