Celebrate Dad This Year With Our Father's Day Gift Box!

With Father's Day quickly approaching, we understand sometimes finding the perfect gift for Dad can be difficult. To help, we've recently made the perfect gift box filled with all the items that will make your Dad, or any of the fatherly figures in your life smile. Our new gift box is ready-made for Father's Day with four treats and four gift items, our new "I Love You Dad" tie clip, all packaged in a white gift box with a fun sticker across the top. 

The included gift items consist of: a bottle of unconsecrated olive oil, a mini card print of Jesus Christ, a pocket Priesthood Ordinance card, and the "I Love You Dad" tie clip.

The included treats consist of: Oreos, Skittles, Reese's Cups, and M&Ms.

This fun gift box is perfect for Dad, Priesthood leaders, men to whom you minister, and even "future fathers" that you would like to celebrate. Click the link here to purchase yours!

LDS Father's Day Gift Box