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Columbus Ohio Temple - Sketch

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    The Columbus Ohio Temple is one of a series of detailed pencil drawings and paintings created by the artist Chad S. Hawkins. In 1989, at the age of seventeen, Chad started this unique temple series, becoming the original LDS artist to involve hidden spiritual images in his artwork. Before drawing each temple, Chad researches its history, construction, and beautiful surroundings. He then returns to his studio to draw the temple by referring to his notes, sketches, and photographs.

    In 1831, Joseph Smith was instructed by revelation to lead The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Ohio. Since that time, the state of Ohio has been rich with significant history of the Church. From 1831 to 1838, Kirtland was its headquarters, with the first stake in the Church created there in 1834. In all, sixty-five revelations of the Doctrine and Covenants were received in Ohio. Within its borders, numerous visions were received and priesthood keys were restored. Newspapers were started and missionaries sent to other areas in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Ohio was the place chosen by the Lord for the first temple of the restored Church. The Kirtland Temple still stands as a witness to the early Saints and their willingness to sacrifice for a place in which to perform the Lord's sacred works. More than 162 years after the Kirtland Temple was dedicated, members from ten stakes in Ohio gathered on 12 September 1998 to break ground for the second temple in the state. With the dedication of the Columbus Ohio Temple in September 1999, the Church begins a new era of history in Ohio. The hidden spiritual images within this drawing are reminders of Ohio's historic legacy combined with the promising future of a new temple. Among the trees to the left of the temple is the prophet Joseph Smith holding the Book of Mormon. The prophet is looking at the new temple in Columbus as well as the temple that he helped construct in Kirtland.

    This comes in a 11x14 print.