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Journey to Bethlehem - Framed

Item #: D-AFA-JTB
Price: $34.99
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    • Journey to Bethlehem by Joseph Brickey
    • Available on print & giclee canvas
    • Multiple style & size options
    • All dimensions listed included the frame
    • Perfect for first time parents
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    Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. - Luke 2:10

    The Journey to Bethlehem was long and difficult, but they were able to be protected along the way. Please note, all sizes come with a specific frame style. These frame styles are not interchangeable. When you select a size, the frame style will be displayed. Our art pieces do not come with glass.

    Artist's Note:

    As a foreshadowing of His future triumphal entry into Jerusalem as the Son of David and the King of Israel, the unborn Christ is carried by a donkey to be numbered of the house and lineage of David. Mary looks tenderly, perhaps knowingly, at the shy shepherd boy they pass along their way. Joseph's focus is on the path ahead, and his hands, one opened and one closed, reflect both the strength and gentleness of the provider and the protector.

    The Artist:

    JOSEPH F. BRICKEY is an award-winning artist in drawing, painting, and sculpture who currently resides in Orem, Utah, with his wife and seven children. Born and raised in Utah, he has studied art throughout the United States and Europe, pursuing the techniques of the old masters and the wisdom of the ancients to create classical art filled with symbolism. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University and the New York Academy of Art, and he is the director of the art program at the Beaux-Arts Academy, a school of classical art and architecture.