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Men Of Galilee - Framed

Item #: D-AFA-SD-MOG
Price: $34.99
    Ready to Ship: 2-4 Weeks
    • Men of Galilee by Simon Dewey
    • Available as a textured print of giclee canvas
    • Choose from multiple frame sizes & styles
    • All dimensions listed include the frame
    • A great gift for all priesthood holders
    Framed Art Size:

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    Featuring Jesus and small boys looking out at ships, this piece of fine art from Simon Dewey is a great celebration of priesthood power. It makes a beautiful gift for any space, but especially for Church leaders and fathers. 

    This piece is available in multiple frame sizes and styles. Frame sizes and styles cannot be interchanged. Please note, this art does not come with glass. All size dimensions include the print and the frame size. 

    Artist's Note: 

    "Watch ye, stand fast in the men, be strong."

    Men of Galilee came about with the idea that in this world, where we have so few honorable male role models, the supreme example of true manhood will always be there for our sons, grandsons, nephews and brothers. Such has been my hope for my own two sons as they have looked for men to emulate. How often did the Savior of the world take time with his cherished little ones? This is a picture about guys spending peaceful, wholesome time together in the outdoors - the boys, not yet men but inspiring to be such, and the greatest Man there ever was. I really wanted to get this one right and labored over it more than any other image - painting and repainting many times over. I hope it brings some joy and inspiration to you and the men in your life. ~Simon Dewey

    The Artist:

    Simon Dewey started his journey at seventeen when he decided to leave home and attend London Art College. He gained popularity in 1997 when he released the painting "He Lives," that the LDS audience loved. His art often is from the New Testament, mainly focusing on the life of Jesus Christ. He is best known as a portrait painter of mainly religious art.