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Ye Are The Light Of The World - Framed

Price: $34.99
    Ready to Ship: 2-4 Weeks
    • Ye Are the Light of the World by Simon Dewey
    • Different framed sizes and styles available
    • Comes as a textured print or giclee canvas
    • All dimensions include the frame
    • Beautiful art for youth and parents
    Framed Art Size:

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    Ye Are The Light of The World by Simon Dewey is a wonderful piece for families with boys. It depicts the Savior holding a small child and holding a light. It is a reminder that the priesthood can help share the gospel with all the world.

    This art piece is available in multiple frame sizes and styles. They are not interchangeable. Please not, our frames do not include glass.

    Our customers love this piece for new parents and for baptisms.

    Artist's Note:

    Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. ~ Matthew 5:15 

    The example we set may be the only gospel message that some people ever receive. When we think of our example to others in those terms we can see why the Savior associated light with this principle. I hoped to show that even children can be taught that the way they live their lives can be the most significant missionary tool. Light is an interesting symbol; we are drawn to light, we feel safer in the light, we create light to find our way in the darkness. In this painting Christ is holding the light, for He is the source, but it is interesting that he says to us, his disciples, "Ye are the light". Clearly he expects us to take His light and use it to bring light to the world, through our words, our actions, and simply the way we go about our everyday lives. ~ Simon Dewey

    The Artist:

    Simon Dewey started his journey at seventeen when he decided to leave home and attend London Art College. He gained popularity in 1997 when he released the painting "He Lives," that the LDS audience loved. His art often is from the New Testament, mainly focusing on the life of Jesus Christ. He is best known as a portrait painter of mainly religious art.