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Isaiah Made Easier (4.60/5 stars from 5 reviews)

Isaiah's teachings and literary symbolism come alive through this master teacher's careful explanations and comments. Never before has every verse of Isaiah been clarified in such a way and made...

Great study companion

Great study aid

My understanding of Isaiah went from about 5 to about 90. All because of this book! I really enjoy studying from it.

Isaiah made easier

"easier" not easy, really. What a wealth of knowledge. I love the interpretation given by the author, especially the gathering of Israel and the Atonement. the writer is very inspired. Thanks , Brother Ridges

(I also enjoyed The Book of Mormon made Easier)

Isaiah made easier

I've only read 7 chapters so far and like the author says his intention is to make Isaiah easier not necessarily easy to understand and so far I'm finding Isaiah much easier to comprehend.I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to study and understand Isaiah.

Isaiah Made Easier

Just started to read but so far I think it is excellent to help me understand Isaiah.