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Erasable Scripture Marking Crayons 6 Pack (4.71/5 stars from 31 reviews)

These erasable scripture marking crayons come in a 6 pack or a 12 pack. They are for young children.


Markers are a little difficult to read for mature users.

Erasable crayons

I haven’t used any of them yet but I’m sure I will be happy with them. I do feel like they will be better than the highlighter

Erasable scripture marking crayons

My order arrived quickly. I enjoy the fact that the crayons are not so dark that I can still see the words through them.

Erasable Scripture Marking Crayons 6 Pack

Because I am a visual person, I need color. I love these erasable scripture crayons that help me to color-code my scriptures. An added bonus is that they are erasable!

Erasable Scripture Marking Crayons 6 Pack

A great buy!

I needed some scripture crayons to act as a highlighter, that didn't bleed and these are great! I love the color options and for being erasable, they show up well. My favorite color, green, was a bit lackluster, but all of the others are great! I would highly recommend.

Erasable scripture pencils

These work wonderfully in my scriptures.

Exactly what we need

This item is exactly what we need. We are so excited to give them to my daughter. She is going to love it!

Great gift!

Really love the colors and durability of these crayons. An economical addition to any baptism gift.

United States

Great product!

These are great for highlighting in the scriptures! They are my favorite kind out of all the ones I have tried before.


These Markers will come in handy & used frequently throuout the Mission. Their size makes them easy to carry & not bulky.