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Encore CTR Ring (4.76/5 stars from 21 reviews)

If you love music, or know someone who does, then you will love our Melody CTR Ring! Not only does it feature music notes in a stylish design, but the 11 notes used are the actual first notes of the...

Love it!

It's exactly what I hoped it would be true to size and is as described. Very happy

Love my ring

This is exactly what my daughter wanted. She is in a orchestra and plays the piano and the drums in it. She cant stop showing it off to her friends.

Melody CTR

I ordered this as a gift and was very pleased! When I first saw the price, I was concerned it may not be of good quality; however, it was far more than I expected. This is a beautiful ring for either male or female, and I would highly recommend it!

Melody CTR ring

Great ring for music people. Love it

Melody CTR ring

It came very quickly. My daughter loves it.

Melody ring

The ring is pretty . . . but you cannot see the notes when it is on . . . the notes have no black or anything to help them stand out. So if you are looking at the person . . . all you would see is a square unisex silver ring. I love the idea though and wish there was a more "girly" option.

Musical CTR ring It's exactly what we ordered. For a music lover, the perfect CTR ring

It's exactly what we ordered. For a music lover, the perfect CTR ring


My husband bought this ring for me when I was called as the Primary Chorister. It's been almost three years and has never left my finger. It still looks great! I love that it's stainless steel and I don't have to worry about polishing it or it turning my finger weird colors. I've received so many compliments on it. GREAT ring!


I got this ring from a friend before he left on his mission, and I lost it shortly after....I was searching for the same exact one, where I could get the size I needed with the same exact engraving, font, etc. I was VERY pleased to get the exact thing I thought I was ordering, the same exact ring as I had been given. (:

So different

My daughter is newly baptized and did not want a class ring from her high school. She mentioned that she wanted a CTR ring. She is a music major so this was perfect!! She loves it!